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Kansas Trip 128

My Pinterest account is full of peaceful, monochromatic interior design photos, blueprints for small cabins and cottages, and inspirational quotes on minimalism.

My home is full of color and clutter. Bedrooms of long grown up children are now an odd mix of shrine to their childhood interests and storage unit for our accumulating stuff.

My parents were children during the Great Depression and taught me well the “waste not, want not” doctrine.  My dad was an orderly collector of personal keepsakes and newspaper clippings, along with practical items like screwdrivers and every conceivable width and style of necktie.  My mom has long been unable to let go of anything with sentimental value, which in more recent years included everything previously owned by now deceased loved ones. Then it became difficult for her to let go of empty containers of all sorts, trash really, until her life and her home were overwhelmed with the clutter of past lives.

Clearing out my mom’s home taught me many lessons.  I am ready to share some in stories here. Most of all, it has motivated me to clear space in my own home and life.  Starting today.

Today was my first day in an online class developed by Joshua Becker, Uncluttered, which I am doing in conjunction with reading his new book, The More of Less. My goal is to share my journey out of clutter by blogging about it during the next few weeks of the course, and beyond as needed until my real life bears at least some similarity to my Pinterest dreams!

It’s going to be a long trip, but I am ready to go.  20160509_160909.jpg