I haven’t allowed myself blogging time for over a year.

Too many demands on my time.  Falling short in too many areas.

I’ll write…

When the big work project is done…

When my home is orderly, organized…

When family needs are fewer…

Time invested does not fill. More time is needed.  Another project looms.

Time is limited. Demands urgent.

I haven’t allowed myself blogging time.  It’s unnecessary. Just a personal pleasure. There is so much I need to do.


I’ve gotten so much done this past year. There will always be more I need to do.

False guilt.IMG_3321IMG_3322

No need to blog.  But I miss the time thinking and assigning words to express my thoughts.

And a part of me falls away when I do not write.




I Don’t Count Sheep

P1010499We did a small remodel of one of the preschool rooms at our child care center over the Labor Day weekend: ripping out carpet, building a loft corner, and changing storage and activity centers. The kids love the loft. The adults love the hardwood floor, original to our old building, that was in fair shape underneath the old carpet. Many expressed admiration that we got it all arranged and ready for the kids in just three days. I explained that the physical work may have taken place in a weekend, but the “new room” had existed in my head for months now.

I don’t count sheep when I’m trying to fall asleep, but I often rearrange or redecorate rooms.

Some of the rooms I plan as I fall asleep end up as real rooms in our life, like our garage-turned-family room and living room-turned-bedroom suite. Others will never come to pass. It interests me to think about living in other homes and buildings, or in our own home in a new way. Since there is no urgency, it relaxes me – unlike thinking about things I really need to get done tomorrow – and I can sleep.

What would I take if we moved to one of these new little houses? A cabin? An apartment? How could a barn be turned into a home? What do I need to move/store/rearrange to create a guest bedroom upstairs? A craft room?

Let me count the ways!