Spring Whimsy


 Happy that the recent unseasonable frosts spared my  daffodils and hyacinth, my mind wandered to the flowering season ahead, and to Eden long ago…

The book of Genesis tells us that Adam was given the job of naming the animals. Bear. Wolf. Lion. And so on.

I suggest that maybe (just perhaps!) Eve took it upon herself to name the flowers.  Heliotrope, Delphinium, Daisy, Honeysuckle, Lily of the Valley. Oh, I can imagine it.

Adam calls to Eve, “Come check these flowers out. They smell great!”  Eve inhales deeply, gazing at the red blooms.  “I will call this the Rose bush”, she declares.

Gently admonishing, Adam tries again to direct her attention to the wonderful scent.  “Eve, a Rose by any name would smell as sweet.”

But Eve demurs. “No, Adam.  A Rose, is a Rose, is a Rose.”





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