Literally, No Thanks

It would please me to eliminate the word literally from general usage. It will be easy.

Say what you mean in a literal way. Drop the redundant use of literally at the end of your statement. “Hundreds of people were there,” can stand alone. Use a specific number if you really want to be literal about it.

Go ahead, create a hyperbolic description to make your point. Don’t ruin it by adding “literally” when you mean it figuratively. Misuse of this word is one of the little things that drives me crazy. Not literally – I usually just get irritated, maybe rant a little.

But hearing this sentence is what finally pushed me over the edge when it comes to the use of “literally”. (Hyperbole alert – I was not standing on a cliff and no bones were broken.) “That literally exploded my brain and blew off the back of my head.” Really. But it was a medical miracle, because that person with brain and skull missing just kept talking and talking and talking… It literally seemed they would never stop.


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