My Nose in a Book, Part 1

It still happens. That glow of anticipation, when I have a new book.

In school, there was the joy of selection with Scholastic book orders, and better yet, the day of delivery. In elementary school, teachers must have kept the books until we were safely headed home, but in Middle School they were handed to us right in the middle of a class. Evidently we were expected to have enough self control to continue whatever work we were doing. I don’t know about anyone else in the class, but they had lost me for the rest of the day.

“No reading at the table. No reading after bedtime. No, we can’t turn on the dome light so you can read in the car. Get your nose out of that book and…DO something.”

I heard them all, because reading was my favorite doing.

Now I am in charge of the Scholastic book orders for six preschool classes.
We earn free books, which become Christmas gifts to the children. I still want to read them all.

A dad to one of our three year old’s started ordering in January after seeing how much his son enjoyed the one book we had given him. Having books in the home and reading together was a new idea to him. How much I take for granted, having grown up in a home stocked with books to read and food to eat.

My young teachers and teacher’s aides often express delight when they see the book order forms. Most say they remember getting to order the dollar books – quarter books in my day.

But my favorite Scholastic book club story came from a young single mom, who bought a dollar book every month for each of her two kids. “I remember when the Scholastic books would be delivered when I was in school. I always wished I could get one, but I never did.” This was spoken with no resentment, just pride that she was providing this small pleasure for her own children.

I can still picture some of the kids who sat in desks near me in seventh grade English. Did they all get a book on delivery day? I didn’t notice. I had my nose in a book.


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